Welcome to JanBara & Associates

We are a full service leadership development, high performance consulting company.

At JanBara, we recognize that old patterns of thinking and acting are hard to identify and even harder to break.  We can help you throw away the box that has been keeping your operations stagnant and your profits lagging.

If you are looking to accelerate your results and find new ways of reducing costs, you need to challenge the way things have always been done.  JanBara can provide a road map for you to explore new possibilities and draw patterns of thinking away from the predictable to the unexpected.

You may not be looking to solve what you consider to be a problem.   You may simply want to explore alternatives.  Creative ideas are often generated when one discards preconceived assumptions and attempts a new approach or method that might seem to others unthinkable.

JanBara & Associates develops individuals into exceptional leaders, teams into innovative problem solvers, and sparks companies to renewed performance.

Increase your influence and bridge the gap between your ideas, goals, dreams and the execution to create your reality.

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JanBara: Turning Talent into High Performance