An Innovative, Non-Traditional Leadership Program

Is your company tired of the same old leadership programs?

Are your people ready for an out-of-the-box leadership experience that will quickly have them grappling with “sticky” business dilemmas?

The Gettysburg Leadership Experience is a highly creative, interactive program that has participants explore important leadership dimensions.  The program focuses on leadership, strategy development and execution, communications and the ability to move large complex organizations.

The program framework utilizes the history of the Battle of Gettysburg to enable participants to view, understand and discuss corporate issues from a dynamic learning experience.  Discussions illustrate powerful metaphors to broaden and deepen leadership thinking and action.

Participants gain new insights and clearer thinking about:
1.    Dealing with the hard issues of leadership
2.    Handling ambiguity in strategy development and execution
3.    Communicating with leadership impact
4.    Flexing leadership style depending on people or situations involved
5.    Leading change when you have doubts of end results