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The largest causes of decreased productivity are those issues that stop employees in their tracks, impede continued flow of operations, slow down both communication and work performance, and cause enormous frustration for staff and supervisors alike.  JanBara On Demand provides a vehicle for these problems to be settled and gets people back on track quickly.   It reduces complaints and disruptions and supplies prompt solutions to halt problems from escalating.JanBara On Demand Coaches are ready to assist

Why Is This the Right Time for JanBara On Demand?  To compete successfully, your company must be quick, lean, smart – with the ability to solve problems with adeptness and ingenuity.

However, in today’s business world, your managers are being asked to do more with less – less resources and less people.  Increasingly, they are working side-by-side with their staff to complete company projects.  Frequently, your managers do not have the bandwidth to effectively deal with people issues.  And, it is these people problems that are the most challenging and time-consuming to resolve.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • Interactions between people interrupting productivity
  • Supervisors having difficulties managing direct reports
  • Your best workers leaving or multi-disciplinary teams not focused on organizational goals

The Benefits 

How would it be to have a set of business coaches in your pocket to handle some of the dilemmas you and your people face and complain about?   Not through long-term engagements, but short, structured, timely sessions designed to address the immediate challenge that is interrupting work.  JanBara coaches work with employees as the problems arise, so they can be settled and operations can return to full productivity.

How Does It Work?

It offers a program of targeted, accessible coaching sessions designed for employees, as needed, through the program entitled JanBara On Demand.

You buy a block of coaching sessions that are then made available to certain levels of employees or all employees based on your choice.  The coaches are a phone call away and available many hours of the day and early evening.

A Chief Human Resources Officer from a Philadelphia-based investment company writes: JanBara On Demand is exactly what we need to provide immediate business solutions to our professional staff.  Like most companies, we’re doing more with less people and it can be difficult for our managers to be there for the people problems.  This is a great service!

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