Talent Management


 How will your company face tomorrow without implementing effective succession planning today?

You need to have the right people in key positions as well as actively developing your pipeline of future company leaders.  JanBara & Associates can help you put in place effective succession planning to build your internal bench strength.

Talk with us about:

  • What separates the best succession planning strategies from the rest
  • The difference between succession planning and replacement planning
  • The important differences between high potential and high professional people
  • How to provide both breadth and depth to increase the effectiveness of your employees
  • When to fill open positions with experienced or high potential employees
  • When it’s best to look to the outside to fill a senior-level position
  • What does a succession pool look like and how to manage one effectively
  • The decision whether to tell your people they are on a succession plan or not
  • How to best integrate your succession planning with other HR and operational processes

Learn how you can develop your company and its existing talent to its fullest potential.