Why Us?

There is no shortage of consultants ready to tell you how to be smarter, more efficient, more confident, better leaders, bolder…you name it!  So why choose JanBara & Associates?

The JanBara difference is rooted in our significant industry experience, and, more importantly, in our ability to create an atmosphere of trust so that true learning and development can be accomplished.

We enable clients to delve into those tough, sticky issues to get them to expand their thinking about how to turn employee talent into high performance. JanBara understands that the mark of a professional facilitator rests in their ability to draw the clients into active discussion, and then know when to stay quiet and let them explore and process new ideas.  Only self-discovery of a concept creates the “aha” moments we crave.

From coaching to training to consulting strategy, we handle succession planning, performance management, employee development and engagement, change and conflict management and great communications to enable your business to succeed.

JanBara & Associates is a full-service leadership development, high performance consulting company.  We are a collaboration of talents started by Jane Lowenstein and Barbara Taylor, with over 25 years experience producing exceptional results for our clients.